USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships 2023: Pools Announced

Thu, Aug 3, 2023, 2:39 PM
by Wendy Young

The pools for the highly-anticipated 2023 USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships have been officially announced, featuring the top teams from all corners of the country. The event will take place in Madison, Wisconsin, on August 12-13.

Exciting news for fans who cannot make it to the venue in person! All matches of the tournament will be streamed for free on the official YouTube channel of USA Club Rugby and simulcast on the RX Matchday App. The streaming experience will be top-notch, as Next Level Rugby is handling on-site production with state-of-the-art professional viewpoints and commentators.

Women’s Pools**

  • Pool A: Scion, Atlanta 2.0, Boston, Cincinnati
  • Pool B: WAC, Chicago N. Shore, San Diego Surfers, Little Rock
  • Pool C: Camp Pendleton Warriors, Slaughterhouse, HEB, Oregon Sharks Academy
  • Pool D: Chicago Lions, Phoenix (FL), NoVa, Dallas RFC

Men’s Pools

  • Pool E: Nav, Life West, Dallas RFC, NoVa
  • Pool F: Old Blue, Belmont Shore, Oregon Sharks Academy, Austin Huns
  • Pool G: Schuylkill River, Chicago Lions, Tennessee Elite, WAC
  • Pool H: Denver Barbarians, St. Louis Bombers, Mystic River, Beltway Elite

Tournament Schedule & Results

Stay up-to-date with all the latest scores and live schedule updates with this link. Additionally, for real-time live updates, make sure to check out RX. Don’t miss a moment of the exciting action!


Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $5.

We hope to see you in Madison for the USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships!

**Note: Please be informed that the women’s pools for the 2023 USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships have been subject to adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, Old Blue and Life West, despite qualifying for the tournament, will not be able to attend. The absence of these teams is a result of a scheduling conflict with a Women’s Premier League (WPL) match between Life West and New York, with New York players comprising a significant portion of the Old Blue team. The prioritization of the WPL match is a testament to the league’s dedication to elevating its status by embracing a semi-professional approach.

Efforts were made to find a solution through discussions between USA Club 7s Rugby and the teams, but regrettably, no viable resolution was reached. Both entities were unable to work around the clash of dates, leading to the unfortunate absence of Old Blue and Life West from the USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships.

Despite this setback, the tournament promises to showcase top-tier rugby action, and fans can still look forward to witnessing intense competition among the participating teams.