Host USA Club National Rugby Championships in 2024 and 2025

Thu, Sep 28, 2023, 7:50 PM
by Wendy Young

In the thrilling world of rugby, where passion, teamwork, and dedication collide, the opportunity to host a national championship is an honor coveted by many. Now, the USA Club Rugby Association, Inc., acting on behalf of the Senior Club Council (SCC) of USA Rugby, is extending an invitation to clubs and venues across the nation to submit proposals for the hosting of the SCC's 15's and 7's National Championships in 2024 and 2025.

A Spectacle of Excellence

These championships represent the pinnacle of club rugby in the United States, attracting top talent and fervent fans. The SCC is seeking two exceptional venues, aptly named "Venue A" and "Venue B," to take center stage for these prestigious events, with the option to swap roles in 2025 and the possibility of a two-year renewal.

Mark Your Calendars

The dates for these thrilling rugby spectacles are as follows:

  • Venue A:
    • 2024 15's: May 17-19
    • 2025 7's: August 9-10
  • Venue B:
    • 2024 7's: August 10-11
    • 2025 15's: May 16-18
15's National Championships

The 15's National Championships span three action-packed days, featuring 20 teams across five divisions. These elite teams battle it out in the Semi-Finals and Finals of the Club Rugby Nationals Playoffs. In 2023, the event drew approximately 1000 players, coaches, supporters, and administrators to St. Charles, MO. Impressively, it also resulted in approximately 600 hotel room nights being booked by the teams alone, underlining the economic impact of this tournament. Moreover, the event's YouTube livestream garnered over 50,000 views, testament to the growing popularity of rugby in the United States. Hosting this event requires a minimum of four rugby fields, ensuring a grand spectacle of the sport.

7's National Championship

The 7's National Championship unfolds over two electrifying days, with 32 teams battling for supremacy. In 2023, it brought over 500 players, coaches, and administrators to Madison, Wisconsin, making it a hub for rugby enthusiasts. The championship's YouTube livestream boasted over 80,000 views across the two days, showcasing the remarkable reach of this event. Hosting the 7's National Championship necessitates a minimum of two rugby fields, complete with areas for team warm-ups, making it an ideal showcase for high-speed rugby action.

Be Part of Rugby History

This is an open and competitive process. Proposals received after 12:00pm noon EST, November 10, 2023, will not be considered and will be returned unopened.

Questions may be submitted up to the deadline at and, and will be responded to directly.

To access the Request for Proposal (RFP) and submit your proposal, please visit the RFP directly at Championship Host RFP (PDF).

Prepare to showcase the spirit of rugby on the grandest stage. Your venue could be the next epicenter of American rugby excellence. Don't miss this chance to be part of the action!