USA Rugby launches new registration, competitions platform

Wed, Aug 24, 2022, 11:36 PM
by Frederick Bressette

USA Rugby is launching a new platform for club, competition and player registration / management. Rugby Xplorer (RX) is being implemented immediately, for use with the 2022-23 season.

This new platform will be the only portal used to manage club and player activity, roster management and in-game scoring / reporting.

All club level administrators (including referee societies) are required to take part in a training session for RX to begin you club management on the platform.

Rugby Xplorer for Clubs - Clubs will see the functions important to them for season 2022 including: updating contact details, creating teams, managing live scoring, managing accreditations, communicating to members and more.

Sessions for Clubs Who Wish To Collect Club Dues Through RX - If your club wants to collect dues thru the new registration system, there will be a second session club admins will log in and walk through the process of setting up their fees for different membership types, and completing the financial onboarding process so that they can receive payments.

These sessions will be scheduled for the week of August 29 by RugbyNY and USA Youth & High School Rugby.

All Clubs are strongly encouraged to take part in one or both of the sessions.

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